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Young fan upset with dad after losing foul ball

6/23/13: A young fan in the stands is upset with his daddy for losing nasty ball that is struck directly at him Inspect out for more! About About Baseball …

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  1. Replyhollahollagetdolla

    that little shit, id throw him off that balcony

  2. ReplyBob Jones

    I'd use that bratty shit as my glove to try and catch the ball.

  3. ReplyBernie Madrigal

    Lol that kid should be thanking his dad for trying to get if not the kid would be in the hospital lol

  4. ReplyJames Bigglesworth


  5. Replythatgirlkelly1

    Spank that spoiled ass little brat!!! 

  6. ReplyMyview246

    theres too many bratty kids at these games

  7. ReplyAllie B

    The dad is smiling, the mom is smiling, the kid is smiling. What's with the hate? The kid was joking around with his dad, not throwing a tantrum, calm down people geez.

  8. Replybgordon647

    This is why you should bring a glove to the park

  9. ReplyJohn Baker

    The guy is in pain but doesn't want to show it while he's on camera

  10. Replyheyitsmejason1

    They should put the kid up for adoption

  11. Replyevildeadmitch


  12. ReplyChristopher C

    it was all in game the dad was laughing the kid laughing its alright

  13. Replycaboose41

    Dad, get your shit together.


    Вот почему папаша не играет в бейсбол, а смотрит его на трибуне

  15. ReplyLíderEnDeportes GrupoÚN

    #Bloopers #MLB | #VIDEO Padre es golpeado por su hijo por no atrapar un foul

  16. ReplySgtPepper291

    Guys, that kid is like 6 calm down...

  17. ReplyJustin Roger s


  18. ReplyZevik

    I would uppercut that kid down from the balcony for his father disrespect!

  19. ReplyNathanael Stasinski

    When I saw him hitting his dad for the first time, it actually looked like the litte boy was crying. But watching it again, it turned out he was laughing.

  20. ReplySkrim666

    I'd slap that little kiddo 5-6 times if i was the father.

  21. Replyl0otKr3w

    They are both smiling what's up with your hate comments?

  22. ReplyVebbyola Vebby

    He should of through the spoiled kid off the ledge he's lucky to even go to a game and have a chance to catch a ball ungrateful hit him with the cup too

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