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Bank Owned Property Listing and Rehab Flip In Action

Get 2 Free Reports right here: INITIAL EXAMINATION REO FROM MLS After fixed value (A.K.A. Sticker price) 4900 Se …

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  1. ReplyJim Rodgers

    I'll tell you what's holding me back! Where do you find houses that much below market in Dallas, Tx and subs? Market 130k and you bought for 56k! You bought at 43% of market - That doesn't happen very often! Jim

  2. Replyjose aguilar

    What's holding me back is that my credit is bad and don't know if privet investor will help me that's what holding me back but yeah I am more than satisfied and have hope and fate that this is possible if you can help me answer my question Thank You

  3. ReplyJames Hung Pham

    What holding me back was not having things explained so clearly to me. Thanks for the clarity!

  4. ReplySREC TV

  5. Reply1948tc

    • ReplyJane

      Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand article on this topic.

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