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5 Home Flipping Suggestion by William Bronchick

Lawyer & Best-selling author William (Expense) Bronchick goes over essential ideas for purchasing, dealing with, and turning houses. More information and complimentary genuine estate investing articles at

Flipping Houses Business Formula - House Flipping 101 - Flipping Houses for Profit

Ever desire to be in the flipping homes company? This video will show you your house turning formula that expert home flippers use to buy, deal with, and resale residences. This is House Flipping …
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  1. ReplyWilliam Bronchick

  2. ReplyMark Weider

    Great video! Thank you!

  3. ReplyMike Dancy

    Once you get a trusted home inspector or a contractor, stick with them. I have a few contractor friends who I trust completely. It's big money and just like any investment adviser, you need someone you know.

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